Re: Introducing NetscapeML

Marc Saloman writes:
>In any case, its a pleasant shock to see Microsoft truly constructively
>involved in the standards process.  Never thought I'd see the day.
>Let's hope they keep it up.

That was actually my first question on reading the start of this thread:
how deep does that go?  I completely agree that it is great to see
representatives of Microsoft sitting in the front row at IETF meetings --
just as it would be or is great to see representatives of any major browser
vendor in the same position.  But I have wondered if this is commitment on
the part of _individuals_ or commitment on the part of the organization as
a whole.  Individuals from Netscape (particularly Lou Montulli and Ari
Luotonen) also participate in some Web standards bodies, but I haven't seen
a company-wide commitment.  Thomas, Chris, or anyone else, is Microsoft
making that commitment?  If not, this thread is just a different kind of

Please note that I am talking about participation in public standards
bodies, not the W3C.  (Nor am I dismissing the latter completely, but
standards bodies with admissions charges are a different kettle of

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