Re: Tricky Form

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Ken Dow wrote (although I haven't commented on any
of it):

> wrote:
> > No, I mean you can not tab from one input field to the next until you set the
> > cursor focus in an input field.  I tried 2.01 and sure enough the tab didn't
> > work until I set the focus in an input field.

Of course; tabbing from field to field only makes sense once the input
focus is set. Later versions of Netscape do, I believe, pre-set the focus
to the first writable field. I would suggest that if you need the focus to
start somewhere else then your form isn't laid out in the best manner;
while it would clearly be "nice" to be able to have the cursor appear
anywhere, and similarly for Lynx's anchor cursor to start at an arbitrary
link, it is almost always unnecessary, and IMHO would generally only serve
to confuse the average user.

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