Re: Tricky Form

> Of course; tabbing from field to field only makes sense once the input
> focus is set. Later versions of Netscape do, I believe, pre-set the focus
> to the first writable field. I would suggest that if you need the focus to
> start somewhere else then your form isn't laid out in the best manner;
> while it would clearly be "nice" to be able to have the cursor appear
> anywhere, and similarly for Lynx's anchor cursor to start at an arbitrary
> link, it is almost always unnecessary, and IMHO would generally only serve
> to confuse the average user.

Unfortunately, I have no control on the placement of input fields.  
The application, WebPortal, is a 3270 data stream to HTML translator.
I did use javascript, as you suggested, and it works - only problem 
is that I only know of two browsers that support this feature - o well.

terry sullivan

Received on Thursday, 20 June 1996 16:48:23 UTC