Re: SRC attribute for HR/UL/DIR/MENU?

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> About a SRC attribute for UL, LI, HR, and so on: i fully
> support this idea and am also quite surprised and disappointed
> to find it missing from the HTML 3.2 spec.
> Why on earth was it removed?!

Well, if you consider the fact that OL and UL should be
gathered in a single element called for instance LIST with
generic attributes giving the kind of the list (ordered, unordered, ...)
the kind of order if any (numeric, alpha lower case, alpha upper case,
...) and the source of the bullet if any, this lack leaves
open the field of a good structuration of these elements later on.

But, even if there are hard discussions about the public identifier
of HTML X.X, no browser uses it and we still have to think about
backward compatibility, which should be managed using DTD declaration... :-(


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