ACTION attribute of FORM

I don't remember if I ever got back a copy of the last mail I sent
about this, so it may have gotten lost.

In HTML 2.0, the ACTION attribute of FORM is defined as #implied, and
defaults to the URL of the current document.
In Wilbur/Cougar, ACTION is defined as #required.  If Wilbur is
supposed to be current practice, why has the ACTION attribute been
changed?  Every browser I've tried has been able to successfully
handle a form start tag of simply <FORM> or <FORM METHOD=POST>.  

With this change, documents that validate fine with the HTML 2.0 DTD
and work with most if not all currently deployed browsers and don't
use the ACTION attribute, fail with the supposed "current practice"
Wilbur DTD.  (And yes, I did try this with the HalSoft validator and
the Wilbur DTD.)

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