What about  ?

Just another thing that has bugging me for some time.

The   non-breaking space entity is used by many people right now
to create horizontal whitespace. In Netscape et al,   
produces more whitespace than just  . Although it would seem that
this is against the spec, there is no explicit mention of this.

The expired HTML 3 draft did require that    collapses into
one space, but the Wilbur draft does not.

I would like to propose that the Wilbur spec (once it comes out)
explicitly states that 

    should be treated in the same way as the space character (ASCII
  character code 32 decimal), except that the user agent should never
  break lines at this point. It is useful when you want to ensure that
  neigbouring words always stay together and don't get split across

in other words, *require* that    is collapsed into one space.

OTOH, it *is* current practice in Netscape, so perhaps it should be 
defined in Wilbur as non-collapsing as well?


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Received on Saturday, 27 July 1996 16:20:51 UTC