(unknown charset) Re: ISO standards

Chris Lilley wrote:
> ... PostScript became standardised by
> ISO, who called it SPDL. This has three encodings - a compact ASN.1
> encoding, a clear text encoding (whjich looks exactly like
> and an SGML encoding.

Thanks for the info. I've a modest familiarity with PS, having written
utilities to move multiple instances of type 1 fonts into the header
and to extract pages from multi-page files. The sample of "clear text
encoding" at
<http://www.olu.info.waseda.ac.jp/office/kago/spdl/example1.html> looks
like PS wrapped in SGML.

I found the spec at <http://www2.echo.lu/oii/en/docstand.html#SPDL> but
it was SGML docs, so reading it was more pain than I chose to bear.

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 25 July 1996 20:51:49 UTC