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Fel: Maybe you want to take a look at this. If you do, let me know what its
about. If not let me know and I'll put it on my list and eventually get around
to it.
If you haven't already, go ahead and look at ILU 
<URL:> (thank you, Larry & Dan). 
 As ILU-using programs can talk to other ILU, CORBA (yes, it is (basically) 
a CORBA ORB), and ONC RPC programs, as well as using HTTP, it looks like a 
reasonable solution for portable distributed computing.  Unfortunately, I 
haven't had a need to write such code yet, so I don't know how in practice 
it would stand up against other methods.  Worth a look, though.

Netscapies, Microsofties, I know you are out there -- are you listening?
Mark Leighton Fisher                   Thomson Consumer Electronics                   Indianapolis, IN

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