RE: structural markup

Thomas Breuel writes in <> ('>>' is 
>>    Eventually, HTML will give way to full SGML, and use of vi(1) and
>>    other non-GUI editors (for non-casual editing) will give way to
>>    GUI, HTML/SGML-aware editors that will enable easier use of
>>    structural markup.
>The fact remains that requiring more structural markup
>results in higher costs for input and conversion, relative to
>less structural markup.  Tools only affect the baseline.
>There is no reason to believe that GUI tools will make
>structural input for math so easy that the cost becomes
>negligible; in fact, based on my experience with GUI and
>non-GUI tools for math input, if anything, the opposite
>is true.

That is why I said "easier", not "easy".  The net gain (especially from 
getting math right to begin with, instead of the occasional suffering we all 
have from the non-structural nature of current HTML) is worth it.  Besides, 
if there is an advantage to non-GUI input, a GUI tool should provide both. 
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