From the HTML 2.0 Spec,

   specifies the action URI for the form. The action URI of a form
   defaults to the base URI of the document (see section Hyperlinks).


From Wilbur/Cougar:
        action    %URL  #REQUIRED  -- server-side form handler --

Why has the action attribute changed from #IMPLIED to #REQUIRED?  

I found this while trying to figure out why lynx was giving me this
error message:

** Bad HTML!!  No form action defined. **

It turns out that a couple spurious </a>'s were hiding in the form,
and that was causing the failure, as lynx properly handles just plain 
<FORM> as 2.0 specifies.

I can see some problems, however, with the contradictory DTD's.  I
thought that anything that was valid under 2.0 should be valid in 3.2
as well.

A page with <FORM> and no action validates fine with 2.0, but gets
this error with the Wilbur DTD (from WebTechs)

sgmls: SGML error at -, line 8 at "M":
       Required ACTION attribute was not specified; may affect processing

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