Re: Acronym for Cougar?

Jay Bazuzi <>


|This is an interesting idea that has show up a couple times here lately.
| To generalize your suggestion, what you seem to be proposing is that
|the tag name becomes an attribute of some generic, non-meaningful tag.
|Consider, for example, the following DTD snippet:
|	<!ELEMENT TAG	- -	(#PCDATA | TAG)* >
|		ELEMNAME	NAME	#REQUIRED	-- Element Name --
|	>

Absolutely not.  I am suggesting that the <SPAN> tag, the one in be used for its intended
purpose.  The specially-marked-up content is still part of the general text
flow and structurally belongs in the content model of whatever contains it. not
locked up in an attribute.



Received on Monday, 22 July 1996 14:45:12 UTC