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In message <01I7AYCZF6F60002N8@SCI.WFBR.EDU>, Foteos Macrides writes:
>  The archiver for this list still has not been attended to

The one here at seems to be flakey, and the one at doesn't seem to be updated any more.

Um... well.. let's just say we have an opening for a system
administrator. See:


>, and
>no one can access those or any subsequent messages to this list

That's not quite true. It's painful, but if you really need an old
message, send a message:

	Subject: archive help

for details on accessing the archive via email:

This archive server knows the following commands:

get filename ...
ls directory ...
egrep case_insensitive_regular_expression filename ...
maxfiles nnn

Aliases for 'get': send, sendme, getme, gimme, retrieve, mail
Aliases for 'ls': dir, directory, list, show
Aliases for 'egrep': search, grep, fgrep, find

Lines starting with a '#' are ignored.
Multiple commands per mail are allowed.
Setting maxfiles to zero will remove the limit (to protect you against
yourself no more than maxfiles files will be returned per reques
Egrep supports most common flags.

ls latest
get latest/12
egrep some.word latest/*


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