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>Paul Prescod <> wrote:
>> > It would require a lot of careful coding to do this with style sheets.
>> > What if you use the same bullet for two different lists, and decide
>> > to switch bullets in one of the lists? You would also be changing the
>> > appearance of the other list.
>> If the lists are semantically connected, then when one changes the other
>> should too. If the lists are not semantically connected (I.e. lists of the
>> same "type"), then they should have different classes. It's a simple rule.
>This would then mean that I end up with, say, ten classes which all
>indicate a red ball as bullet for the list. Hm.
>But again, if inline style markup is going to be in Cougar (the STYLE
>attribute), why not allow 'shortcuts' for certain often-used constructs?
>It would be similar to having <CENTER> next to <DIV ALIGN=CENTER>, or
><FONT FACE=times> next to <SPAN STYLE="font: times">.

	How many of you remember this message posted by the Director
of the W3C to the IETF HTML-WG during it's stalemate on inclusion of
a STYLE attribute:

On 8 Feb 96 Tim Berners-Lee ( wrote:
> This group does not decide whether there is a need for inline
> style. Any one person can declare that need, and then it exists.
             ^^^^^^^^^^                                 ^^^^^^^^^
> It has been declared. No one else can deny that it exists.
> Conclusion: we must cater for that need without undermining the
> architecural integrity. Consider the style attribute a "short cut".

	How many *deployed* clients, using architecurally *sound*
markup, in existence for years, were made rogue via its removal from
the HTML 3.2/Wilbur DTD?  Not refinement -- just plain removal!  How
many, many more than "one person" have sought its restoration, without
earnest responsiveness from the W3C ERB?

	This seems like "evidence" that something has gone awry at
the W3C and is in need of mature, effective attention.  How could
the advice which it's Director posted to the IETF HTML-WG not be
the *rule* within his own organization?


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