Re: True quotes

> I forwarded you comments to the editor. If we like them,
> we might use them. Just keep your pants on, OK?

I have been, for months.  I thought the stronger language
this time might get better results, as it apparently has.
I certainly don't expect anyone to jump at every suggestion,
but when something as obvious as punctuating a simple
English sentence correctly is missing--with no sign from
anyone that _any_ means of doing it is forthcoming (a
statement like "we're looking at doing that with <q> instead"
would have been quite welcome)--then I feel justified in
squeaking a bit louder.

After all, those of us without the bucks to be members can
only make a difference by being really irritating. :)

Lee Daniel Crocker <>

Received on Thursday, 18 July 1996 18:00:01 UTC