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MegaZone <> wrote:
> Once upon a time Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet shaped the electrons to say...
> >May I add that we mark FONT and CENTER as deprecated, and remove the
> >FACE attribute for FONT altogether? With the support for style sheets
> Why?

Basically, because they're too limited. Having CENTER as an "alias"
or shortcut for <DIV ALIGN=CENTER> doesn't make too much sense to me.
Is it really that necessary to have shortcuts for long element names?
FONT doesn't degrade well, and what it can do can be done with style
sheets, so authors should be using style sheets instead. If FONT is
marked as deprecated, this will at least make it clear it should be
avoided even though it's still legal. Kinda like XMP.

> 3. You *never* just drop tags from one release to the next - dropping

I didn't say dropping, just marking them as deprecated. A validator
or checker could warn the user about using such a tag, so the author
would see there are better ways to do it.


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