Re: a bad idea (fwd)

grumble mutter fuck...

Don't you hate it when your boss lets a process go out of control and fill
/tmp just as you save and send an email? 

I'm going to enjoy ribbing him on this one tomorrow.

Once upon a time MegaZone shaped the electrons to say...
>From  Mon Jul 15 19:24:02 1996

Since I don't know if the error here was on the sending or the receiving
side I won't repeat myself. IN case this didn't get out it was basically
an argument/rant about why tossing away SGML is an exceedingly bad idea
and that after more research and email it turns out that the 
SRC="1" SRC="2" SRC="3" does *not* work the same in all browsers so it is
NOT a valid option nor a good reason to toss SGML.

Also the point that there are scores of widely used and wildly popular 
tools tha *depend* on SGML compliance.  And that, having talked with 
reps from Netscape, MS, Sun, and SoftQuad (in person at tradeshows and/or
via email) all of them feel SGML is the future for HTML and they are not
about to even consider dumping it.

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