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>Why are JavaScript extentions in Cougar?

They aren't just JavaScript - the same 'events' are used for VBScript and
other languages in development.  Scripting on pages is here to stay, and
the effort is to make it a *consistent* interface for authors.  If you can
specify the interface tags for elements:
1. You can make it easy on authors when they need to know what to use.
2. Validators can handle it.

Both are important.

>How is "OnMouseOver" device-independent?

Bad wording, but this is the weight of existing use.  'onMouseOver' has been
used since LiveScript and carried into JavaScript and now other languages.
It basically means 'when the pointer is over this link/object/etc'.

onMouseOver event handler

A mouseOver event occurs once each time the mouse pointer
moves over an object from outside that object. The onMouseOver
event handler executes JavaScript code when a mouseOver event

You must return true within the event handler if you want to set
the status or defaultStatus properties with the onMouseOver event

See the relevant objects for the onMouseOver syntax. 


>What is "onBlur"?

If you have focus on an object and then remove focus, it is a 'blur'.

onBlur event handler

A blur event occurs when a select, text, or textarea field on a form
loses focus. The onBlur event handler executes JavaScript code
when a blur event occurs. 

See the relevant objects for the onBlur syntax. 


>Who supports "BASEFONT" and how does it compare to styles?

Netscape 1.x and above at least, I believe MSIE too.


>I'm not really up on reading DTDs, what does this mean, exactly:
><![ %HTML.Deprecated [
>    <!ENTITY % html.content "HEAD, BODY, PLAINTEXT?">

If I'm parsing it correctly it means the old practice of assuming anything
following a closing </BODY> tag is PLAINTEXT has been deprecated.
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