Re: a bad idea (fwd)

Once upon a time Walter Ian Kaye shaped the electrons to say...
>I said:
>>How about:
><META NAME="altgifs" CONTENT="">
>Predefine the lists in the <head>, and reference from the body.
>Would this break any SGML rules?

I don't think either of our options violates SGML - but I think mine is a
lot clearer for authoring, and when it comes down to it it invoves less.
You need another entry in the head, mine needs just two new fields in IMG.

But I was arguing a point not for my solution as the correct one - I believe
that anything like this belongs in OBJECT and that IMG should be left alone
to hopefully wither over time.

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Received on Monday, 15 July 1996 22:18:34 UTC