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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 13:07:00 PDT
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The HTML WG is about to be shut down.  You may send your suggestion to


At 12:36 PM 7/12/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello Mr. Sink,
>    The HTML is growing in leaps and bounds and I 
>don't know hwo is controling the growth.  It seems 
>like much of it is being driven by Netscape.
>    Since you are the chaair of the HTML WG I'm 
>writing to you to suggest an enhancement to the 
>    I would like to see a command that can be sent 
>to printers to do a page eject or new page.  I have  
>designed pages and then cut them up into smaller 
>pages (URLs) so the reader doesn't have to print a 
>bunch of stuff he/she doesn't want.  I'd 
>like to be able to have the title to a table 
>at the start of the page above the table 
>rather than the last line of printed text on 
>one page and the table on the next page.  Hmmm... 
>at first glance the response is probably that thre 
>are many printers many of which use different 
>control codes so how would we have one code for all 
>printers?  I don't know the answer but that 
>doesn't mean there is one.  Also I have several 
>sections in a page and would like the printing of 
>the title of the new section at the start of a new 
>page rather than at the bottom of the prior page.  
>I could add <pre>...</pre> or <br><br> to force 
>more lines to get that title a little further down 
>but one never knows how others have their printers 
>set up.  I have mine at say 54 lines/page but the 
>next person may theirs set for 56 lines/page.  
>Hmmm... maybe their might be a way to highlight 
>a section on a displayed page for printing.  Well 
>this wouldn't be HTML but a function of Netscape or 
>my Windows program, I guess.  How about if we had a 
>HTML code for hard page that could be recognized 
>by the windows or browser software which could 
>know about what printer I have and send the 
>approriate printer code.  Browser options could be 
>set up for me to specify the printer I use.  
>    Anyway that is what I want so I can display my 
>information better on printed media as well as 
>displayed media.
>    Thanks.
>James R. Davis, Sacramento, CA 
>or respond to the computer that sent this.
Eric W. Sink,  Code Grinch

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