Re: Keyboard control extensions to HTML (fwd)

Once upon a time Walter Ian Kaye shaped the electrons to say...
>What about conflicts with existing shortcuts? If it's already defined in
>the browser (or the Operating System), do the document keys override the
>browser/OS keys, or do the browser/OS keys override the document keys? Or
>do you instead go into a special "mode" in order to enable the shortcuts,
>and then end that mode?

That is a question for the browser authors *not* HTML.  All HTML says is
'this is something you should emphsize and hot key in some way'.  If you
are writing for FubarOS and Ctrl-U happens to be special, you might use 
Alt-U, or maybe Ctrl-Alt-U, or Ctrl-Shift-U.  There are a myriad of OS's 
out there, let the people writing the program for each OS make the decision
on how to render/implement it.

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Received on Friday, 12 July 1996 01:32:03 UTC