RE: a bad idea (fwd)

Once upon a time Erik Aronesty shaped the electrons to say...
>so that way <IMG SRC=x SRC=y> woudl mean try x then try y if that fails.
>but <IMG PICK-SRC=RANDOM SRC=x SRC=y> would mean try x or y randomly.
>and <IMG PICK-SRC=USER SRC=x SRC=y> would mean ask the user in some
>unobtrusive and reasonable way if he wants to use x or y

Not that I see this as something super desirablem but if you want to do it
I suggest:

<IMG SRC="x" SRC="y" SRC="n-1" "SRC="n" PICK=RANDOM>

List the 'SRC' *FIRST* so that existing browsers will not break on it - 
AFAIK current browsers will take the first SRC they see.  Since you can
write the new browser that supports this to look for 'PICK' it is the
special case.  Just like NS looks for LOWSRC first.

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