Re: Experimental HTML DTD with OBJECT, style, ...

> In collaboration with some of our member organizations, Dave
> Raggett has collected some of the DTD fragments in various proposals
> into a DTD for testing purposes.

Bravo!  It's good to have some idea of the direction of HTML
before we have to deal with it in situ.  One immediate comment,
though, about character entities:

<!ENTITY emdash CDATA "&#8212;" -- em dash               -->
<!ENTITY endash CDATA "&#8211;" -- en dash               -->

Great, but you're still missing the quotation marks.
I suggest:

<!ENTITY lsquot CDATA "&#8216;" -- left single quote     -->
<!ENTITY rsquot CDATA "&#8217;" -- right single quote    -->
<!ENTITY ldquot CDATA "&#8220;" -- left double quote     -->
<!ENTITY rdquot CDATA "&#8221;" -- right double quote    -->

Boy, I'll be able to write an English sentence any month now :)

Lee Daniel Crocker <>

Received on Wednesday, 10 July 1996 17:34:50 UTC