RE: Gutter language

alley is better than "column-gutter" or some other difficult to
remember, syntaxy thing that will annoy those people who aren't nerds.

i'm not saying it bothers me.... im the type who speaks c++ first,
englist second.  nevertheless, in developing a high level language for
financial calculations...i found that my best bet was to use words that
had a visual picture (alley) rather than a semantic description

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>> so where do i vote?
>For now, any *public* feedback would be welcome. I was intending to
>propose the new name to Adobe and Corel, with specific changes in
>program menus and manuals.
>BTW, did you read about this on a message posted to or
>to  I mailed a couple of messages to
>and they don't seem to have gotten posted, or at least they didn't come
>back in any Digest..

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