Re: www-html-d Digest V96 #210 (Wed Jul 3 10:00:00 1996)

 > James Aylett writes:
 >  > My initial reaction was
 >  > "How do I scale down the page?", but after a while I decided that what I
 >  > really wanted to do was scale the images with respect to the page width -
 >  > ie, in a similar way to using <TD WIDTH=50%> I'd have <IMG ... WIDTH=50%>
 >  > for each.
 > This can easily be expressed in CSS [1]:
 >   <IMG .. STYLE="width: 50%">
 > The percentage refers to the parent element's width which will be
 > closely related to -- if not the same as -- the page width.
 > Microsoft's Internet Explorer [2] has initial support for CSS, but the
 > above has probably not been implemented yet.

Maybe not, but both IE and Netscape support the direct use of  <IMG
WIDTH=x%> where x appears to relate to the width of the page as I 
discovered today when my browser displayed these rather small images,
100 pixels wide rather than 100%.

Haven't found any documenatation for this though.


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