Resizing images relative to window size

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Tom Magliery wrote:

> missing) they mostly exist *only* in ncsa mosaic for windows:
>         3) +/- to increase/decrease font size of the display *universally*
> -- absolutely indispensable for doing presentations

This is something I didn't know about (and I use X, for which it
presumably isn't supported?). I've been thinking for a while, at random
intervals, how useful it would be to be able to scale an entire page - but
including images, rather than just text. This actually turned up today in
a site I am writing, where I want a fairly wide logo at the top of the
page. Currently I'm using frames to get the result that the text fits into
the window width, but the two images which make up the logo and sit side
by side don't (and, equally importantly, don't overlap - I originally used
ALIGN=LEFT and RIGHT in the IMG tags, which Netscape then nicely
overlapped for me if the window was too narrow). My initial reaction was
"How do I scale down the page?", but after a while I decided that what I
really wanted to do was scale the images with respect to the page width -
ie, in a similar way to using <TD WIDTH=50%> I'd have <IMG ... WIDTH=50%>
for each.

I've heard a couple of people mentioning using WIDTH and HEIGHT with % for
the IMG tag, but looking at the DTD the appropriate entity for that
(<!ENTITY % Length ... >) isn't specified. Also, WIDTH=50% should ideally
mean half the width of the image, rather than the window.

Okay, to sum up this slightly rambling mail ... am I right in saying that
this is impossible currently (I'm assuming so), and also - would anyone
else like to comment on the potential use/usability of such an idea if it
were implemented.


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