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>I am trying to get .exe files, ie, those created by Visual basic to
>run from an HTML document, have you any ideas how I can manage this?
>Your gratefully
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you can't run a program across the internet..for these reasons:

a)  in order to use it, you'd have to send data constantly, and the
internet was not made for that, nor has it been adapted for it (look at
NetPhone and the other various sound playing programs..the sound is
choppy..imagine data coming in that choppily with, say, Microsoft's slow enough'd take you an hour just to convert it
from smart quotes to straight quotes)..

b)  what if someone using a mac, amiga, unix, etc. went to your page..what
if you were at someone's house and wanted to show them your nifty page, and
they have a mac?  you just can't run a program across platforms..

c)  why bother?  just let them download it..which is what would happen anyway..

if you do this:

<a href=">
A program I wrote</a>

then when someone clicks on it, even if x-fer rates were fast enough, even
if they were on the proper platform to run it, it wouldn't run it anyway,
it would just download it..

but if you want them to download it, well, i just told you how..

but if you have, for example, an MPEG that you want them to download, and
you want them to be able to see it, then they have to have their browser
set up (via preferences) to open SPARKLE, MPEG PLAYER, MOVIE PLAYER,
etc..there's no way to force their browser to open the file with a certain
program..they may not even have that one, even if you could..

but i'm not really sure what you meant..but i just told you how to do 3
different things, maybe one of them is what you meant..


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