Re: 12-21-95 INSERT draft

I'd like to add my strong support of the <FIG> client side image-map mechanism.  
When I first saw UdiWWW supporting the various features of the FIG element I was 
quite impressed. When I went to the Boston WWW Conference, I was highly
disappointed to hear about the alternate INSERT proposal and the idea of dropping 
FIG entirely.

I won't follow with examples, as Foteos example demonstrates the elegance of the
proposal. If we could phase out ISMAP and USEMAP and switch to this mechanism,
the web would be a much more accessible place for everyone (be they blind, modem
speed impaired, or whatever). The great thing about the proposal was the
immediate utility to non FIG enabled browsers (esp. text browsers such as lynx,
charlotte, etc). Such compatability (forwards/backwards depending on your point
of view) is rarely so easily obtained nor so elegant.

Joe Meadows

Received on Wednesday, 17 January 1996 02:22:21 UTC