SSI and other HTML server-side scripting languages

I am trying to find information in regards to server side scripting in HTML.

SSI (server side includes) is interesting 
( but lacking.

I found a very interesting doc on SSI+ ( but 
this seems to be proprietary for WebQuest servers.

What I need is the following features for server-side HTML scripting:

o method callout
	- the ability to call out to a module for execution.  this could be an 
exe, cgi, isapi, ole object, etc..
o conditionals
	- IF/THEN/ELSE type functionality
o looping
	- WHILE/WEND type looping
o include
	- to be able to include other HTML files.

I am trying to investigate existing standards to address these issues.  
If none exist, I am interested in proposing one or working with the 
group that is.

thanks for any help.

Received on Monday, 8 January 1996 19:47:22 UTC