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On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Abigail wrote:

> It's not a 9-10 characters, it's the fact your whole document has to
> be send again. Suppose your document is 50k, then the following is
> not unlikely:
> Reader visits your page, downloads 50k data, storing in her cache.
> >From the page, she goes to the next page, and the next.
> After a few pages, she selects 'top' (pointing to your first page).
> Her browser sends a 'get-if-modified' request. The server knows the
> requested document has an SSI, so the requested document has to be
> genereted *now* and is hence "modified", sending 50k again....
> However, she has identical information in her cache.

Thanks for repeating this simple fact of life on the Internet.  It 
obviously bears repeating ad nauseam.  A little bit of considerate 
drafting of HTML avoids problems for lots of people, all of whom do not 
have the last and greatest of hardware or bandwidth.

Unfortunately, there is a proliferation of counters and the like which 
have exactly the same adverse effect on bandwidth.


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