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Rick Collins wrote:
> I've checked the archive of this list and haven't found any "particular" =
> reason why the following suggestions would not be appropriate.  Please =
> let me know if there is a better place to discuss the following ideas???
> OK. So I got this idea see? What if?
> TVML (The TV stands for television)
> A set of HTML extensions that exploits the complete viewing screen in =
> it's 3x4 format. 

What happens if the screen is not in 3x4 format? How about virtual
window managers with a logical screen larger than the physical screen?

By my theory the percentages would be applied to the virtual screen resolution.
> A page tag would begin with?
> <VIEW FULL ESC> This would force the full-screen view with no visible =
> boundries. The ESC would be the key used to bail from this view and back =
> to the browser (page-layout) scheme.

What happens if there is no ESC key or the ESC key is already bound
to some conflicting function?
You modify the ESC for another key (eg. CAP).  I assume settop devices would have a key specific to this.

Thanks for the thoughts!


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