Re: www in URL's??

Matthew James Marnell writes:

| :  Natural Innovations
| :
| :The last one looks quite nice to me, but there is the small matter of 
| :mapping it onto a DNS entry/entries...
| Actually, that's the direction that DNS will likely take in the future,
| although how far, who knows, there is some thinking being done on new
| TLDs, ways to ditribute registration across different registries, and
| other neat things.  Now we're a couple miles south of HTML.

One last shot from me on this topic, and then I'll shut up... :-)

There are already several directory service type protocols which could
be used to deliver the sort of higher-level Internet name service I
referred to.  It might well turn out that none of them is ideally
suited to the task, but there isn't really enough deployment experience

What would be good, if we could get enough volunteers, would be to have
a go at creating a prototype of this directory using these existing
protocols (WHOIS++, standalone LDAP, RWHOIS, ...).  An initial dataset 
of sorts is available - snarfed from the Netfind seed database.  I've
written some code to generate WHOIS++ templates from it.  You can grab
the templates for a given top-level domain name from ...


You should be able to load these straight into Bunyip's WHOIS++ server
using "digger_insert".  I've also started to write a LDIF generator,
for stand-alone LDAP, but this doesn't work yet.  Help welcomed!

There's a mailing list for discussing this stuff, which you can join
by sending mail to "".  The message body
should contain the word "subscribe" on its own

OK, plug over!



Received on Tuesday, 2 January 1996 13:11:59 UTC