Re: Wish List for New Spec

   From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
|   >The other reason for using the Q element, instead of entities, is that
|   >it allows USa to know that the material is a quotation.  This would
|   >allow a tool to, for instance, search only quoted material, exclude
|   >quoted material from a concordance, or present quotations in more styled
|   >ways than just changing the quote ccharacters (setting them in another
|   >font, for instance, or on a different background, or as sidebars, or
|   >using different rules to decide when to blockquote and when to inline
|   >quote).
|   Ah, but you could still do &guillemotleft;<SPAN CLASS="quote">The quotation
|   here</SPAN>&guillemotright; and achieve the same effect. (I'm guessing at
|   the entity names.)

That's not quite the same thing, since it puts the quotation marks
outside the material that is identified as a quote, implying that the UA
can't decide whether or not to use quotation marks at all (if the UA
chooses to show the quotation out-of-line, as an indented block or a
sidebar, the presence of the quotation marks outside that presentation is
going to be distinctly odd).

And why would you want to use the class attribute when there's already
an element for the specific purpose of handling quotations?


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