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Re: Automatic Entry and Forms

From: Derek Harding <derek@tpdinc.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 20:48:30 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: Robert Hazeltine <rhazltin@bacall.nepean.uws.edu.au>, Murray Altheim <murray@spyglass.com>
Cc: hallam@w3.org, www-html@w3.org
At 12:33 PM 25-02-96 +1100, Robert Hazeltine wrote:
>Maybe people two generations hence might find the ideas of transferring
>data - both personal and business - without human intervention acceptable
>as a principle.  I do not. 
> be linked with this sort of proposal that allows another systems to 
> probe for information on a particular workstation.

Unless I have misread the proposal, this is not a part of it and is not
being suggested at all! Furthermore nothing in this proposal allows any kind
of "probing" as you seem to believe. (Hence my comment that perhaps you have
misread the proposal). 

As I understand it the proposal is suggesting is that a protocol may be
developed which allows common fields which many users fill in everyday to be
pre-filled automatically should users wish them to be. Users will then be
free to submit the form in the normal way or delete any fields they don't
wish to send, or modify the information prior to submission, or finally, not
any have fields automatically filled in.

The proposal does not make *any* provision for automatic submission or
transfer of information in any way shape or form or for any "probing" of
machines either.

Derek Harding
Online Production Manager
TPD Publishing Inc.
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