Re: help with frames

> Oh great HTML god, show me the way!!
That's definately not me..
> Lets say that I have two frames (we'll call them A and B) that are 
> oriented side by side. Frame A is the menu frame and the TARGET output 
> is Frame B. The HTML Pages that are called up into Frame B (from my 
> directory) have links to other sites. When I click on one of those 
> links, it puts the site Home Page into Frame B. What I want to know is:
> How would I set up a "back" pointer so that it goes back to my last HTML 
> page that was in frame B? By the way, frame B could have any one of a 
> number of my HTML pages in it that called up the remote HTML page!
> Mark Stettler
Currently the only way I know of is to use Javascript for this.
Check for some ideas. If you search
for javascript there you'll actually find precisely
such an example. There are also javascript examples available
To get most out of the above mentioned sites you should probably
use a recent version of Netscape2 (the official 2.0 has just been released).

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