Refocusing on HTML

[ I am replying to, but will not reproduce here, the recent
  volumes of mail on the tired old content v. flash war
  ignited by the initial post about moving backgrounds ]

Can we refocus this list on its purpose, which to me seems
obvious: to dicuss possible new features of HTML, not of
specific client programs like browsers?
The original comment about animated backgrounds needs no
discussion here, because HTML already has a way to do
that without affecting the content.  Browsers will either
support it or not, but HTML is done on the issue.

The content v. fluff war is just hot air and serves no
purpose here.  Who the hell are we to tell designers what
they need and don't need?  They're professionals just like
we are, and if they say they want moving logos, then dammit,
we need to find a way to give them moving logos that fits
into our information structure, or else they'll find a way
to do it that doesn't, and we both lose.

On the one real HTML issue on the table (tabular <select>),
I find the proposal not clearly necessary enough to justify
the incompatibility and burden of implementation, when the
function could already be better served with Java. 

Lee Daniel Crocker <>

Received on Saturday, 31 August 1996 17:57:57 UTC