Re: backgrounds

F. E. Potts wrote:
> Now background animations and BGSOUND are being given serious
> consideration, and it won't be long before all we have is a 2nd-rate
> clone of the worst elements of TV spreading like the blight it is over
> the planet.  Is this what we are all working so hard for, to help the
> advertisers hype their consumer garbage in "cyberspace" just as they
> do everywhere else?  :-(

While this group may be the arbiters of style coding, I don't believe it
should take on the role of arbiters of taste.

I believe its role should be to provide tools to facilitate the design
of html documents as people want to design them, not as its members
think proper.

There's a lot of talk here about the "blight" of mass media, and while
we may agree it's a wasteland out there, once the style organization
starts to dictate (in this case by omission) what can or cannot be done,
it seems to me that it's arrogating to itself an authority that it
doesn't -- and shouldn't -- have.

The glory of cyberspace is that it provides a communications medium for
all, advertiser, organization and commoner alike.

Long ago, the Romans put it best when they said "De gustibus non
disputandum est," or "One's taste is not to be disputed."

If the idea of animated backgrounds turns you off, why not provide a
mechanism in the code where YOU can turn IT off whenever you access a
page you don't like.

Or, as with TV: you can always punch that remote button and go to
another channel...

Allen Miller
Webmaster, PRSA Technology Section

Received on Saturday, 31 August 1996 15:22:39 UTC