Your proposal was posted 5 hours ago and you're upset that we're
"utterly ignoring" it? Many list members haven't even read it yet!

Here's my response:

You say (in a later message) that you wish HTML "provided the basic
building blocks for the building of WWW front-ends to applications." In
this analogy (a-la-Lego), your proposal looks to me more like a special
tan-colored, angled, scalloped roof block, or a see-though, curved
windshield block, than a basic building block. 

Your proposal goes too far beyond the basics, yet paradoxically not far
enough. What about mutually exclusive and inclusive selections (i.e.
check one item and others are automatically selected or unselected)?
What happens if someone wants graphics in the list. Or checkboxes? Or
what about spanning parts of rows so duplicate information isn't
repeated? Or... I think you get my drift.

In my opinion the basic building blocks are already there. I agree that
there's a need to do what you describe, but "application support" like this
is what Java, ActiveX, LiveObjects, etc. are for.

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Received on Friday, 30 August 1996 18:12:43 UTC