onMouseOver in Cougar.

:>The former. I currently am only using JavaScript for the onMouseOver=
:>attribute (sort of like a "ToolTips" thing).

Just a question.  Is onMouseOver in Cougar because Netscape can't
bring itself to use the TITLE attrib, or because they hold enough
sway with W3C to get just about anything, including idiotic,
redundant Java/JavaScript attribs and tags added to HTML, or a
combination of both?

Or, on the same vein, is the only reason for the W3C's existance
to take large amounts of money from large corporations in order
to validate Netscape own private brand of HTML?  Or better yet,
is the W3C in anyone's best interest, besides netscape's, at
least as far as HTML goes?

I keep hearing this current practice BS, and a lot of other
Jaw wagging, but in the end, 90% of conversations including
the keywords HTML and the "WWW Consortium" end up back at
gaining Netscape tags validity, or maybe it's just because
they're the only company that's part of the W3C that insists,
on a daily basis, of painting so far outside the lines.
I don't know, but I thought I should ask before forming concrete


Received on Monday, 26 August 1996 10:25:05 UTC