Re: Problems/Question with Cougar

Walter Ian Kaye <> writes:
>At 4:15p -0600 08/23/96, Imagination's End wrote:
>>> TD { background : red }
>>> in my style sheet, and <TD BGCOLOR="blue"> in my table, which color
>>> should this table cell get?
>>That makes senses, but, what happens if you have:
>><TD STYLE=" TD { background: red }" BGCOLOR="blue">
>>What color SHOULD the cell get.  Granted I'll admit this is probably
>>just stupid coding, and that if you specify both background and
>>bgcolor they should both be the same.
>My guess would be:
>  Priority 1 = local style
>  Priority 2 = general style
>  Priority 3 = local attribute

All this stuff regarding priority is outlined in the CSS draft. No need to


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