Re: What are the problems with IDML?

At 9:07p -0800 08/23/96, Jim Taylor wrote:

>The fourth IDML group consists of product information. This really can't
>be shoehorned into meta tags, but instead of making way too many new
>attributes, the IDML guys could create classes. This allows a number of
>things to work nicely. Span tags could be used to identify existing text:
>  <span class="id-product-name>A Hard Day's Night</span>
>  <span class="id-product-description>Released on CD in 1988.</span>
>  $<span class="id-product-price>13.47</span>

Ah, now we're getting somewhere! I was wondering when someone was going
to mention class. :)

>(Is this a misuse of span?)

Perhaps *one* new HTML tag: IDENTIFY (or whatever). Then we'd have:

  <identify class="">A Hard Day's Night</identify>
  <identify class="product.description">Released on CD in 1988.</identify>
  $<identify class="product.price">13.47</identify>

For non-displayed information, a value= attribute could be used:

  <identify class="system.crawl" value="0">

(Or just use META for those items.)

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