RE: Background Soundtracks (fwd)

Once upon a time Jason O'Brien shaped the electrons to say...
>discussing -- the issue is embedding a sound to start when the page opens   
>which needs to run seamlessly in the background without any kind of   
>obstrusive control bar -- for example, one of the corporate web sites   

Some of us do not want to have sounds played automatically - for me it
would play on the server down the hall, or 30 miles away if I'm on my X
tube at home.  I completely detest pages that have sounds that play 
automatically and I've been requesting that NS not support this, or that,
if they do, they have a three way toggle for users:
Play auto.
Prompt user Y/N
Never play.

I think BGSOUND is a tag almost on par with BLINK for evilness in its
current MSIE implementaion.

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