BGSOUND, no need for it

Why bother with a BGSOUND tag.  Sound, and soundtracks, don't seem to 
be related to rendering at all, so why have it as part of HTML.  A 
simple solution is to know that with Java you can easily have a 
background sound, with or without controls, autostarting or not, 
repeating or not, user controllable or not, it's a system independent 
method (using the correct sound type).

The other method is via the OBJECT tag (and as somebody stated with 
NetshapeML EMBED), specify either the sound, or some program to play 
the sound.

I thought HTML was supposed to be independent of the system.  OBJECT 
and Java tags are, since they have alternatives.  What is the 
alternative, or rendering method, of a BGSOUND supposed to.  Is a 
computer without a sound card supposed to open a new window and draw 
the waveform of the sound? :)

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Received on Friday, 23 August 1996 16:02:50 UTC