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> HTML3.2 had a font tag of "strike"
> Cougar has "s", but no mention of "strike"

I suppose it got renamed. 

> Cougar has a phrase tag of "Q"
> What is Q supposed to be rendered as?

This is probably taken from the expired HTML 3.0 proposal:

The <Q> element is used for a short quotation. It is typically
shown enclosed in quotation marks as appropriate to the language
context. For English these would be matching double or single
quotation marks, alternating for nested quotes. The language
context is set by the LANG attribute. --New in 3.0--.

> <TD> is allowed both "BGCOLOR" and "STYLE".  If style has a 
> specification for a background color/image, which takes precedence.  
> Why the choice to add BGCOLOR?

I'm starting to repeat myself on this list. :-) "Current practice"
And I'm not sure how it would work, but I would say that BGCOLOR
attribute on a TD overrides the style sheet definition. It defines
the color for this specific cell, so it would be identical to
<TD STYLE="background = blue">.

> Also for a <TD>, where are the references as to what "AXIS" and 
> "AXES" area?

These are from the latest table proposal, as documented in RFC 1942:
<>. It is very long, but
should explain how this is intended to work.

> The lonely tag <ADDRESS> has no ATTLIST, I would assume that like 
> closely related elements it would include %attrs.  Just an 

I've suggested the same thing, but so far I haven't seen any change.
one can only hope... :-)

> One suggestion.  Can the DTD be set so that is any of (BGCOLOR, 
> BACKGROUND, TEXT, LINK, VLINK) are set, that they ALL must be set 
> (with the exception of BACKGROUND).  By not setting the others the 
> document is left unreadable on many displays. Would this not be an 
> argument similar to the required "ALT" in <IMG> tags?

It sounds more like a design problem. If you don't provide ALT text,
or only set BGCOLOR without the rest, you're a bad designer. 

> <APPLET> requires CODE
> <IMG> requires SRC
> Why doesn't <OBJECT> require DATA?

Probably because of the same reason as that A does not have a 
required HREF attribute. I think there are ways to use this element
without a DATA attribute.

> <STYLE> requires a TYPE parameter.  Where are the valid media types 
> for this defined?  What is the correct media type for CSS?

Only know about the last one, it's "text/css". 

> What is the justification for having TYPE required in <STYLE>, but not 
> having LANGUAGE required in <SCRIPT> ?

Typo. :-)

> What is the TYPE parameter in <SCRIPT> for?  The comment states -- 
> Internet media type for style notation -- I'm assuming that something 
> is incorrect here.

Can't answer that one - perhaps you can indicate the encoding of
the script here?


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