Re: Frames - does anyone like them? - Summary

Hmm, I think I can sum up this discussion pretty quickly:

1.  Some people don't like frames.
2.  Other people do like frames.
3.  Some people impliment them poorly.
4.  Others do a better job of implimentation.
5.  They don't work very well as markup.
6.  There might be a better way than Netscape's.
6.1 If we have to have them at all.

1 & 2 probably won't change no matter how much anyone would like them
to, 3 & 4 probably depend on the designers ability, and 5 & 6 aren't
really changable unless someone proposes another standard AND the W3C,
Netscape, AND Microsoft all go for it.

- shawn

Received on Thursday, 22 August 1996 13:44:05 UTC