Re: Tag Soup.

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Abigail <> wrote:
> Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:
> > One reason is that every browser would have to support every tag we
> > can think of. With classes, you can ignore them safely, or only
> > rely on them to look up the rendering information in the style sheet.
> This strikes me as a bit absurd. If we have thingy X, and X is expressed
> in elements, then it will be a problem if some browsers don't handle
> those elements, but if X is expressed using a style sheet, then it
> suddenly can be ignored safely? Like, the <IMG> tag is bad because

Sorry, I was a bit unclear there. If you define tags for everything,
you have to rewrite the standard every time someone comes up with a
new one. With CLASS, you can invent your own stuff without ending up
with an invalid document.

Also, CLASS requires the use of an existing tag. This means that a
browser which does not understand the CLASS in question will just use
the default value of the tag. <EM CLASS=legal.warning> degrades a lot
better than <LEGAL-WARNING>, for example.


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