Re: Netscape 3.0...A Long Way to Go

At 4:55p -0400 08/12/96, Dan Delaney wrote:
>>From the Netscape 3.0 Announcement page...
>"Next Monday, Netscape Will Take the Wraps Off the Final Version of
> Navigator 3.0 and Reveal Why Internet Explorer Has a Long Way to Go"
>   Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the latest beta of MSIE
>support both Style Sheets AND the new OBJECT tag? And is it not true that
>Netscape 3.0 will not support either of these?
>   And Netscape said that Internet Explorer has a long way to go???

They probably were not referring to the MSIE beta, but rather to the
*release* version, still at 2.0 (or 2.1 for Mac, I think... gotta go
check out the newest version...).

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