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> How, then, do you conserve structural information from the rich DTD in the
> downtranslation process to a validatable HTML doc?  And how can other 
> applications determine that structure?  If the choices are either tag soup
> or att-itis, it seems that att-itis confines the mess to a managable
> corner of the problem space (no, a bowl of tag soup won't cure att-itis).
> <!DOCTYPE RICH>                 <!DOCTYPE HTML>
>                                 <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>...</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>
> <ARTICLE>                       <DIV CLASS=ARTICLE>
> </ARTICLE>                      </DIV></BODY></HTML>

If you are using a well defined set of classes, you can indicate this
to user agents using a META element. These agents can then validate
the document against a strict model as appropriate. Remember that
SGML applications are defined by more than just the DTD.

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