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Marcus E. Hennecke wrote:

> On Mon, 05 Aug 1996 20:07:38 -0400, "Stephen R. Laniel" <> wrote:
> > In Microsoft Word (and, I presume, other word processing programs), it is
> > possible to embed fonts in the document -- that is, to send the font with
> > the text, so that it will render correctly on systems that don't have the
> > correct font.
> >
> > Might this be possible in HTML?

Coming soon to a browser near you. Yes, it will be possible to have
fonts hanging off
a URL just like you can have images, sounds, movies and such hanging off
URLs right
now. W3C is working on this right now.

> > Of course, it would be necessary to standardize on one font format. 

On the contrary, we plan to be open to any font format. The browsers
will use MIME types to specify what sort of formats they want.

> >  But this wouldn't add very much to tag bloat, and could be very useful.  Has 
> > the idea already been proposed as part of CSS?  

Yes. Referencing the fonts in CSS rather than in HTML also has the
advantage that there can be different style sheets for different media -
one for on-screen presentation, one for a very compact sumary
presentation, one for printing and one for speech synthesis, say - and
the various fonts required are only referenced in the appropriate
stylesheet rather than bulking up the HTML.

> You may be interested in this:

I really must update that document ... thanks for reminding me ;-) In
the mean time, have a look at

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