Re: Netscape and SGML

|   From: Sunil Mishra <>
|   Netscape has never cared about SGML, and probably never will. As far as I
|   know, that is completely broken SGML. Although Netscape never did specify
|   this, the <font> tag could cross paragraph boundaries, such that if you put
|   a <font ...> in paragraph 1, and put in </font> in paragraph3, you would
|   end up with parts of paragraph 1 and 3 and all of paragraph 2 modified.
|   I would love to see them try and write a DTD fragment for that.

They don't need to.  The *author* is responsible for writing legal SGML
(including not violating nesting order). Netscape has explained
what their browser will do in the presence of a particular illegal
construct.  Perhaps they should have also pointed out that it was
illegal, but I don't think there's any violation of the standard in
documenting what your product will do in the face of particular illegal


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