Re: Render EM as underline [was: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar] (fwd)

At 06:26 PM 7/31/96 +1700, MegaZone wrote:
>>with the common rendering of citations. By not providing U but rather
>>suggest underline for EM, it would invite more people to use the logical EM
>>element with the associated long term advantages.
>For legal documents you *MUST* have underlining, no ambiguity.  They need
>a *physical* markup, NOT a *logical* markup that may change on the whim of
>a browser manufactuer.

There are many file formats that exist that already allow physical
formatting. Why invent another? Do we really expect lawyers to create their
new contracts in HTML??? That's not very likely. They tend to use
WordPerfect and there are tools that can put WordPerfect documents on the
Web with minimal loss of presentational fidelity.

A potentially interesting aside: descriptive, non-presentational markup was
invented by a lawyer for a legal application.

 Paul Prescod

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